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Ingalls Homestead – Laura’s Living Prairie

Originally posted on Katie's Traveling Kids:
De Smet, South Dakota is about an hour and a half from Sioux Falls. But, if you’re traveling with kids, the Ingalls Homestead is well…

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Earth Day Facts to Impress Your Friends

This is a fun, informative article written by Elaine Standohar.  “We live on a planet that is so vast and diverse that essentially every descriptive word in our language could … Continue reading

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E-Cigarette Safety Tips for Parents

According to a recent CDC report , e-cigarette poisoning in children went from one reported case per month in fall of 2010 to 215 per month by February 2014. This raised questions … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Katie Bieker:
I suddenly find myself believing in life everlasting.  I am witnessing a body losing its health while the occupant continues to cheerfully bloom with energy,…

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Moenkopi Dinosaur Tracks

Originally posted on Katie's Traveling Kids:
If you’re looking for things to do in Flagstaff, consider taking a day to head north out of town to Tuba, City. We…

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The Songs of The Steel Wheels

The first time I saw The Steel Wheels, I was at the Walnut Valley Music Festival (Winfield) looking to hear some fresh, modern gospel music, some newgrass, lyrics that would cut me … Continue reading

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Wupatki National Monument

Originally posted on Katie's Traveling Kids:
Native American pueblo ruins sites can involve difficult walking, isolation, and a lot of driving for not a lot to see.  But that’s…

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Meteor Crater

Originally posted on Katie's Traveling Kids:
On our family’s vacation in Arizona, we found ourselves looking for things to do in Winslow… other than stand on a corner. We…

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Split Rock Lighthouse

Originally posted on Katie's Traveling Kids:
We had always heard that one of the best things to do in Duluth, Minnesota is to leave town and head north along…

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1, 2, 3 Ways to Use Music to Teach Math

The effects of using music to help study have been extensively researched. The conclusion: there are ways to use songs to make math fun for elementary students, but you have … Continue reading

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