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In Response to Terror

Humans have always done horrible things to each other out of hatred, fear, and facilitated by the belief that violence solves problems. We can’t change this. We mustn’t let our hearts be terrorized by the accusation that this is a new phenomenon and an indicator that the world is spiraling into darkness as a result of modern generations. We can’t fault ourselves for human nature. Unspeakable atrocities occur on a daily basis on this planet and have since the dawn of humankind.

But we can do something, and we must. It starts with how we respond to today’s events in our own homes. For the sake of ourselves and our children, we can find and hold onto peace and calm. We can absolve ourselves of the responsibility to follow every word of coverage. We can permit ourselves to resume our happy observance of spring and all its blessing. Don’t let innocent young minds learn about their world from the television. The news has been deliberately dramatized and exaggerated to shock and devastate. Teach the kids about current events, but do so in your own unbiased, intelligent, gentle words.

IMG00027-20110321-1902Most importantly, make the lasting commitment to change your own tiny piece of the world by enforcing zero tolerance of violence in your household. Abolish violent games, movies, and images and forbid hatred and intolerance. Shut the door to the celebration of guns, destruction, and hurtful language. Keep it out, ignore it, and create a pocket of abstinence. Take that stand and do it now.

We must teach our children that the victors are not the ones who fight back with weapons and anger, but those who stay calm in the face of evil, moving forward with the strength to be unaffected. Commit to fighting terrorism by turning off CNN and ignoring the bombardment of Facebook memes. Show your kids that you will not get sucked into this gluttony of horror.

Instead, take a walk this evening. Plant a flower, read some books, sing some songs, and raise your family in an environment of peace.

Katie B


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