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Trip to the Mountains

This morning, Hannah’s family is going on vacation to see the mountains.  They will drive all day on a road called a highway.  On the highway, their car will go very fast and very far.

Hannah helps to pack her things.  She puts her favorite purple shorts into her suitcase.  Mommy remembers Hannah’s toothbrush and toothpaste and Daddy remembers her socks.

It is time to leave!  Hannah is in a booster seat and her little sister Ivy is in a car seat.  They each have a small blanket.  Between them is a box with books and toys.

The car backs slowly out of the driveway and they wave “goodbye” to the house.  They drive through their neighborhood, past their library, the grocery store, and Hannah’s school.  Then the car drives onto the highway.

If you are a book publisher or agent, it would be my pleasure to share the entirety of this story with you.  Please do not hesitant to contact me.




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