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Liebster Award

liebster-award1It was an honor to be recognized by a fellow blogger with the Liebster Award! I’m going to return the favor by passing on the love. I’ll answer his 11 questions and nominate 11 more bloggers.

I have been on here for such a short amount of time that I literally haven’t looked at 11 blogs in any detail, I don’t think! But I’m using this as an opportunity to recognize some of the people who’ve done me the courtesy of liking my work. Please consider visiting these folks: 1) 2unpublishedgirls 2) writersresourceblog 3) macdouglasstreetbaby 4) aopinionatedman 5) serialoutlet 6) ellisnelson 7) Bernadine – I linked to one of her books. 8) waitingonaword 9) stevenatwood 10) sethsnap 11) wehrismypen 

Legends of Windemere’s Eleven Questions:

1) What is your favorite pizza topping? Wow. I dunno, I really like pizza. How about roasted red peper.  2) Do you have a nickname? If so, what and why? My real name is Mary Katherine, so really Katie is a nickname. I don’t know why Mom and Dad chose to call me Katie instead of Mary Kate or some other form of the name… but I’m glad they did because I like “Katie”! 3) Who is your hero? The Bodles 4. What was the last song you listened to? Marley’s Ghost “I’m Workin’ on a Building: 5. What is your biggest fear? Leading a life that is not impactful. I want to make a difference to someone. More than one someone, actually. 6. If you had a choice between riding an elephant or a camel, which would you choose? Why? Oh a camel. Definitely a camel. Elephants are too smart for their own good. They’re probably as smart as us and many times bigger and that freaks me out! 7. Is there an animal that you identify with? Why? Um… Homo sapiens neanderthalensis. Yep, the neaderthal. I really feel like a typical human. I have very stereotypical primate behaviroal characterists. But Homo sapiens seem to need less time outdoors than I require. And they’re smaller than me on average. So a bigger human that would like to be outdoors all the time… yep, neaderthal. 8. What is your favorite season? Why? Spring. Spring spring spring hands down. Watching the new life arise and the cycle of life renew is not just something I enjoy, it’s something I require. 9. Do you wish I was better at asking questions? No, this is good! 10. In a fight between King Kong, Dracula, and Kenny from South Park, who would win? Kenny. He’ll likely die in the end (Oh my God they killed him!  The bastards!), but he’ll get scrappy and find away to take the others down with him. 11. Do you believe that everyone has the ability to be an artist? I think so… At least, I think everyone has the ability to see the beauty in the things around them and to think like an artist. I think that’s probably how people think whether they realize it or not. But I know that it’s hard for some people to communicate those ideas.

Thank you to slepsnor for the recognition!


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