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Baking Cookies

It is a cold, rainy day. Looking out the window makes me feel sad and bored.  Mom has a good idea that will make today fun. She asks if I would like to bake cookies! Even though it will be hard work, I give her a big smile. I am good at helping when Mom bakes.  When we bake we can laugh and talk and the kitchen is warm and cozy.

Mom finds the recipe. The recipe has directions on it that tell us how to make the cookies. It also has a list of ingredients. Ingredients are all the things we mix together in the bowl to make dough. Dough is gooey, sticky stuff that will turn into cookies after it gets very hot.

We get all the ingredients out and put them on the table. We also get a big cup baking cookieswith numbers and a handle and a smaller cup with numbers and a handle. Then we find a wooden spoon and a tiny metal spoon that says “tsp”.  Mom tells me that means “teaspoon”. We wash our hands and then it’s time to start.

1 cup of sugar

We use the biggest cup and fill it to the top. White sugar looks like sparkling snow. I like to pour it slowly like a glittery waterfall.

1 cup packed brown sugar

Brown sugar is soft and sticky. I push it into the cup with my fingers. Mom lets me eat one hard chunk. It tastes like candy. Yum!

I envision this book being ring-bound so it can be easily used to actually make this real cookie recipe while reading along with the child.  If you are a book publisher or agent, it would be my pleasure to share the entirety of this story with you.  Please do not hesitant to contact me.


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