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A Seasonal Rant

As a young girl growing up on the rolling plains of Johnson County, Kansas (Google it and giggle), I had nothing but love for winter. The cold didn’t bother me. When there was snow it created a fluffy play land. When there was ice, it was pure iridescent magic. But as an adult, I have learned that there are negatives to this sparkling season. Obviously, now I have to get out in the snow and ice in my own car that my husband and I would like to keep intact and with our precious, fragile children in tow. TERRIFYING, mainly because I’m aseasonal1 wuss. But other pros and cons have come to light.

Pro: It’s cool enough to be snuggly. Hugs and four to the sofa and all that human touch happiness that is abhorrent in sweaty summer heat. Con: GERMS! Ew ew ew get off me! My children have been sick for a solid 10 weeks with at least four different viruses that I can count and a couple ear infections… and Bieker had the flu! And I’ve caught an attitude problem!

Pro: The cold makes your warm drinks just that much more splendid. Holding close your favorite cup of coffee or tea or cocoa is a joy. Con: It’s dark at 7:00 but all the caffeine keeps you up until 2:00… and not only did I receive the entire first five seasons of The Big Bang Theory on DVD for Christmas, but I’ve also suddenly decided to become and author and a blogger. Think I’m sleeping? Ever? Nay.

Pro: The cold tap water is colder. Con: The warm tap water is colder.

Pro: There are a lot of holidays and conferences and snow days and the kids seem to be out of school more than they are in. Con: It’s too dang cold to travel anywhere, tire factories and doctor’s offices ain’t closin’ for nuthin’ so we’re not home with them, the children are barfing and snotting all over the clean house and, frankly, if you’re a kid and you can’t play outside, what’s the point of even being home in the first place?

Pro: I’m surrounded by New Year’s inspiration to lose weight, eat right and be all that I can be. Con: Really? When it’s cold and cozy and I want nothing but gooey mac n’ cheese? Or maybe scalloped corn and fried chicken… In the wiseasonal2nter all food must be cooked and served warm with some kind of gravy or cream sauce.

All in all it’s a frustrating time of year for me. I want warmth, I want new life and fresh beginnings, I want my garden… I want… I want… Ugh!

Pro: Everyone agrees; winter bites. Con: Everyone’s tired of hearing about. Stop whining, Katie.


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