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A Chunk of Chapter Three

This text is from the young adult novel I’ve started. Feedback is appreciated.

“Theodore? Well, my gosh I never would have recognized you! What’s it been like for you off at that big school? Apparently they don’t feed you…”

Ted smiled. Gary Schrandt had been friends with his mom. It was one of his few remaining links to her. Maybe that was one reason he felt so at home here in the store. Or maybe it was because Gary was a nice fella. There actually weren’t that many nice fellas around, from what Ted could tell. Being away for a year had only supported that theory.

“Oh, Gary, it’s been good. Real good. I can’t even begin to tell you everything I’ve learned.”

“Ha! Well, I wouldn’t understand it anyway.”

“Gary, do you realize that the way we’ve chp 3been planting, tilling up the topsoil two, three times a year…” Ted’s words started flying, “… we’re, well, we’re cooking our own goose. The land wasn’t meant to do this. But there are guys working on solutions! They’re working on perennial corn and wheat! Don’t you see how much that would help with retention of the nutri…ya know, I’m sorry, I’ll slow down. I’ve barely said ‘hi’. But I just think this is really exciting stuff.”

Gary’s eyebrows had furrowed. He looked down at the buttons of his overalls and ran his hand through what was left of the white hairs on his balding head.

“Heh. Well, Ted, that’s interesting. But I reckon you’re not going to make a believer out of me and the other fellas around here. These men, Ted… they know their corn! You can’t learn what they know off at a college.”

Ted’s face fell. He tried not to look too hurt, but he’d been just certain that Gary would understand… don’t they know that their work is subject to science just like everything else? Hell, he knew more about it them already, he was certain. They were ignorant. It wasn’t their fault, but they were going to have to listen to reason if they wanted to save their town and farms.

“Well, but if you look at the facts…”

Gary frowned again, this time with more annoyance than confusion. Ted stopped talking.

“So you need a toothbrush, Theodore?”


“Over there, son.”

“Thanks, Gary.”

“It’s good to have you home.”

© Katie Bieker, 2013.


One comment on “A Chunk of Chapter Three

  1. slepsnor
    February 3, 2013

    Interesting. I thought it was going to be a friendly home-coming, but it became a source of tension. Good emotions and transition from friendly to guarded/disappointed.

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