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Chapter 2 Teaser

These are a few paragraphs from Chapter 2 of a young adult novel I’ve started. No introduction to the plot, just some description of the character’s “permanent address”, to use collegiate terminology…

Ted rolled over to find the alarm clock glowing 10:35. Oh man, Dad was going to be pissed. The sun was too bright through the window. Half the morning was gone. Where were his socks? At school, 10:35 would have been early for a Saturday. His old man was not going to feel the same way.

No clean socks. The carpet under his toes was thread bear and felt crusty. It was the same shag carpet he had smashed with his dirty feet since he was a little boy. The dingy brown and orange bathroom linoleum was the same too, as were the rusty water satins around the base of the toilet and the base of the sink. Not the prettiest view, but Ted couldn’t quite lift his eyes yet.

He sat on the toilet and landed his oily forehead in his hands. This summer was going to suck. His dorm room had been a suite he shared with three other guys. The walls were crisp, white plaster and the trim was clean battleship blue. Although everything smelled like boy funk by September, the rooms still sparkled with newness and excitement. He stuck his frayed toothbrush bristles under the water for the first time since Easter. He should probably get a new one later when he went out. Went out. Went out where? What was he going to do?

Ted turned the corner and looked into the galley kitchen. He saw traces of cereal and yellowed milk in a bowl on the table. Dad had come and gone and left no trace of the cereal box. No bananas, no oranges, no apples… come to think of it, had Dad ever bought fruit? No oatmeal. No bread.

The frozen burrito made an ominous clink when it hit the dirty glass microwave plate. This summer was going to suck.

© Katie Bieker, 2013.


2 comments on “Chapter 2 Teaser

  1. slepsnor
    January 31, 2013

    Yup. That guy’s summer is definitely going to suck. The description and tone definitely makes me feel sorry for him.

  2. authorallisonkennedy
    February 1, 2013

    I wanted to read more! Definitely intriguing. Keep up the good work!

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