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I Need to Chill

I’m pouring ideas too fast… I have a concept for a young adult novel and it’s bubbling out of me all over the place.

Several days ago when I put pen to paper (Who am I kidding? When I put fingertip to laptop…) I was really enjoying the brevity of kid’s books. It was a fun exercise to write simply and succinctly in a very youthful tone. It was also nice to have a finished product quickly so I could start right away to receive feedback. I used to be pretty good at creative writing, but now I feel like I’m learning from scratch. I need some hand holding.

But gosh, now I just want to write and write and write! I have characters in mind, a plot, angst… oh God, the teen angst! So be prepared to see some excerpts in coming days. I will need both hands held. I’ve never attempted fiction of that length. And I will still write more kids books in the meantime. It’s fun, it’s an outlet, and maybe a really good one will come out of it at some point.

So that’s my course of action revised as of 10:06 tonight. When it changes again, I’ll let you know. And when I get overwhelmed, I’m hoping for some wise words from all of you to help me clean up the spill.


One comment on “I Need to Chill

  1. slepsnor
    January 29, 2013

    Long fiction can be daunting, but it can help to look at it in sections. I write full-length novels and novellas, so I tackle them by chapter sections. It makes them feel more manageable. It also gives me a daily/weekly goal that is more exact, which allows me to use nights and weekends for taking care of the idea overflow. That’s if I don’t grab a pen and scrap of paper to jot something down when I rest for a drink or lunch.

    By the way, if we’re holding both of your hands, how are you going to type? 🙂

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