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It has now been a full 48 hours since I had my epiphany. I have written four board/picture book length stories so far. I “published” one to a site called “WritersCafe” and received a couple of good reviews… buuuut then I realized that you get “points” for giving good reviews. The number of points is proportional to how much exposure you get. In other words, I feel like I can’t get too excited about that feedback.

I have soaked up a lot of info. I am Katie the Super Sponge. Observations: 1) A lot of people have a lot of opinions about how to bust into this business and they don’t all agree. 2) A lot of people in this biz are smart asses! Perhaps becoming a published author also gives you a license to be an asshole… I will tire of reading blogs real fast if smart-alecky teen-speak is what passes for funny.

I think I’m just being cranky because it’s getting late and I seem to have forgotten to drink water all day until just now… that is, water that doesn’t contain caramel coloring or has not been passed through coffee grounds.

So get an agent. Do I shoot for the best first? Query letter… but do I put any bio info on there? Do I add the entire text since these are little bitty board-book length things?

How short is too short. I’m pictures little board books here. It’s the right number of words but seems so pitiful. My query letter will be twice as long as the manuscript itself!

More questions than answers. But do you know what’s exciting about this? It’s work, but I’m liking it. That’s a big deal. I like it a lot and am getting pretty gosh darn absorbed and obsessed.

Where is Mr. Bieker with my fudge round?


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